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NV Blinds. The Window Blind Specialists

Meet The Team

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Jason Jeffery

Managing Director

Known for his contagious positivity, great humour and seemingly endless technical knowledge, Jason is committed to pulling all stops to ensure the customer is, and always will be, the centre of our business.

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Anje Ottaway

Customer Service Manager

Responsible for delivering the exceptional customer service our customers have come to expect, Anje will constantly go above and beyond the role to ensure that each customer receives only the best service.

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Daniel Regan

Southern Area Sales Manager

Dan, has recently agreed to take over responsibility for the company's sales in the South after proving himself invaluable in our sale office over the past 3 years. Dan's enthusiasm and determination have been an inspiration to all who come in contact with him inside the company, and we are sure that this same enthusiasm will be apparent when he starts to meet and work with our customers face to face in 2018.

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David Mannering

Finance Manager

David deals with the finances of the business and assists customers with account queries whilst ensuring the smooth running of the business.

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